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About Lisa Marie Miller 

Lisa Marie Miller has always had a love of photography. While she was growing up, she learned at the knee of her father who was an Emmy-Award-Winning Cinematographer for television news affiliates in Cleveland, Ohio.  She fine-tuned her storytelling skills in both photography and writing as she majored in Journalism at The Ohio State University. Lisa’s passion for sports photojournalism developed as she earned her Master’s Degree in Photojournalism at the University of Missouri. Her thesis focused on female sports photographers.

Lisa merges her passion for photography, her experience as a writer, and her skills as a manager in her current position as a Photo Editor at The Columbus Dispatch. She has been with the newspaper since 2005.  Additionally, she has also covered major political events as a freelance photographer for Reuters. Lisa has photographed G8 Summits, Democratic National Conventions, and Republican National Conventions. The Ohio News Photographers Association has honored her political images with Awards of Excellence (Campaign 2008) and Honorable Mention (Campaign 2004). Also as a freelance photographer, Lisa has had the privilege to document multiple Super Bowls, PGA Memorial Golf Tournaments, NBA All-Star Games, and NHL All-Star Games.